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View Diary: Obscene tags on dKos? (54 comments)

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  •  Now you did it (none)
    You are to blame for "butt-play" and "penetration" to be on their filters!  Doh!  I mean, penetration isn't such a bad word.  Servers have penetration testing where system administrators try to connect to a server with known hacks and cracks in order to test the security.  Butt-play is bad, but at least it's not like ass-raping, cock-slobbering, or twat-pounding.  Those can get you into trouble.

    Seriously though, if you're that worried it's best to not view dailykos at work because I'd be willing to bet that someone in the office would be more angry about political content than cussing in this cultural climate.

    •  la (none)
      that's likely true as well.  My workplace is pretty much OK with whatever, but I do have a few friends who work in rather draconian settings where hitting a threshold on certain content will flag the IT peons to investigate.

      Plus, it's not so cool reading a thread and seeing random crude sex imagery stuck in the middle.  I'm a pretty open mind, but the less I have to think about skanky butt-play, the better!

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