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  •  A way to reframe the abortion debate? (none)
    Since property rights and money trump everything else for conservatives, perhaps the case for abortion rights should be reframed. Instead calling it the right of a woman to control her own body, which clearly carries no weight with the wingnut worshippers of Mammon,we should talk about supporting the right to spend our money as we choose, and the right to control our own property.

    Raising a child is an enormous financial commitment. How can the government force people to spend their money on something they don't want to spend it on. Why, that's just like taxation - pure evil!

    But did I hear someone say, "then give the baby up for adoption"? What - give away one's property - a most intimate and personal piece of property, containing one's own very genes - to strangers? Without compensation? How dare you even suggest it!  Selling the baby would, of course, be fine from the capitalistic point of view, but I hasten to point out that, for some strange reason, selling one's children is illegal in this country.

    One could, perhaps, simply point out to the "right-to-lifers" that the pregnant woman has her own life to consider; and statistically she is much more likely to die if she continues the pregnancy than if she has a abortion. In no other area does the law demand that a person risk his or her own life to save another.

    •  Life or Property (none)
      That's part of the issue I think. Pro-lifers seek to define the fetus as a "person" under the law, not property. Clearly, once born, there is no winable argument for calling the child one's "property," legally speaking.

      Otherwise, I like your reframing.

      When you're going through hell, keep going. -- Winston Churchill

      by valleycat on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 12:01:20 PM PST

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    •  Risk to mother (none)
      I wish we could keep the notion that pregnancy is a risk to the life of the mother out of the justification for abortion rights. Frankly, the risk is small and I don't want my right to an abortion to be imperiled by medical advances which make pregnancy less risky. Nor am I satisfied by laws that ban abortion but have an exception for the life or health of the mother.

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