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  •  The Rights of Individuals (4.00)
    The entire American Revolution was predicated on the simple assumption that individuals have rights.  "Inalienable rights" as a certain Mr. Jefferson phrased it.  All rights of property are rooted in the more fundamental rights of individuals to go about their daily business without fear of molestation or unwarranted intrusion by their government.  

    The Founders took these rights seriously enough to spend the better part of a decade attempting to get Parliament and/or the king to recognize them.  The Founders took these rights seriously enough to go to war against the most powerful military machine of their age to secure them for themselves.  The Founders took these rights seriously enough to make the recognition of them -- not the granting of them, for the government has not the authority to grant or deny them -- the condition under which they agreed to ratify the Constitution.

    To claim otherwise, as the Conservatives are intent upon doing, is ignorant, treasonous, and so profoundly at odds with the most fundamental goals of the Founders, their stated aims, and the language they labored over for inclusion in the Consitution that the only word for it is:  un-American.  

    The last time a Republican told the truth was when Reagan said, "I forgot to duck."

    by Roddy McCorley on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 11:02:58 AM PST

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