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    and though I think a ban on contraceptives for married couples is quite unlikely, I think it is concievable and even likely that at least a handful of states would ban it for unmarried couples (i.e. the Eisenstat v. Baird case).

    Note that this would include gay couples and young adults with little political power and doing so-called "immoral" things like gay sex or sex before marriage.

    So you are spot on about this conservative argument being wrong, particularly as applied to unmarried couples.

    Dems will fight for a Renewed Deal with the American people.

    by Hoyapaul on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 11:42:58 AM PST

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      most contraceptives could be outlawed by a ban on abortion...the pill, IUD and other contraceptives and devices in rare and not so rare circumstances can cause the end of a pregnany in its very early stages.....

      only condoms would be absolutely safe to the fetus (soon to be called a 'baby to be' by this new court)...

      the right wing anti-abortion types have written pretty extensively on how they want to outlaw birth control as well...

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