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View Diary: The Power Of The State: Privacy Rights and Economic Rights (296 comments)

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  •  Greater right to be left alone? (none)
    Left in splendid isolation, I doubt I would have any property at all, since I do not have the skills to make such things. I am happy to accept state regulation of property since that is part of what makes it possible for me to have property at all.
    •  My point is that some fundamental (none)
      property rights are essential for personal autonomy.
      •  OK (none)
        Which property rights and what do they have to do with fundamental personal autonomy? You mentioned photo albums and the roof over my head. But I have a hard time believing that my photo album is somehow wrapped up in my personal autonomy and I know for sure there's no right in the Constitution that says I get a roof over my head.
        •  We need things to function. (none)
          as human beings.  Things like clothes, shelter.

          We also need things to exercise other rights.  

          We need religious texts for the exercise of religious faith.  

          We need means of communication to exercise the right of free expression and the press.

          •  Sure (none)
            but we don't need any particular house, shirt, photo album or other piece of property to function as human beings. Nor do we need to personally own any of the things you mentioned so long as we have access to them. There's a vast difference between supporting rights to things necessary to function as human beings and private property rights.
            •  So, the gov't should be able to take your dog (none)
              and sell it to Paris Hilton because she thinks it's cute?

              Homes, family heirlooms, etc have meanings beyond their financial values.  A family photo album is irreplaceable.  

              •  I thought we were talking about (none)
                fundamental rights. I'm not claiming I should have no property right in my dog or photo album. I'm saying it is not fundamental to my personhood, and therefore is a proper subject of government regulation. There is no material particulate object that is fundamental to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

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