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  •  re-taxable value` (none)
    Buying something against a person's will is indeed "taking"! You would stand against Wal-mart forcing an indivual to sell them his property at the price they set. Why would you not stand against a government doing the same.
    First: an indiviual doesn't set the value of his property. Where I live property is assigned taxable value by the Propery Valuation Commissioner.
    2nd: Property can have "sentimental" value greater than its market value.
    3rd: It is very arguable how you define "common good". To me, using eminent domain to take property for private development does not apply to the common good.
    Property rights are inextricably linked with
    all other individual rights. The mistake is granting commercial operations rights beyond those possessed by the individuals operating them.  
    But then, I'm not a lawyer or an economist.  

    "Find the cost of Freedom buried in the ground, Mother Earth will cover you, lay your body down." Neil Young

    by JaketheSnake on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 12:18:09 PM PST

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