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  •  huh? (none)
    There are three trimesters (as in two semesters), so what prevents third trimester abortions from being in existence?

    Keep your constitution close my friends, and read it daily.

    by smokeymonkey on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 12:38:40 PM PST

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    •  Before I flame you to (none)
      Do you have any idea what you are talking about? When in your imagination does the third trimester begin? What is the latest the average provider will perform a procedure? Answer those questions and I will clue you in as to my reasoning.

      Fuck it. The short answer to your question is this: The thing that "prevents third trimester abortions from being in existence" is that no provider in their right mind does them past 26 weeks. Third trimester begins at week 28. So there ya go.

      I am excluding emergency procedures (usually due to fetal death) that are performed to save the mother from immediate danger. These can in no way be described as abortions, according to the terms by which most people debate this issue.

      •  so what is partial birth abortion (none)
        if not a third trimester abortion. You are right that most respectable practicioners will not perform such a grusome proceedure.
        •  There is no partial birth (4.00)
          The procedure you are attempting to describe is called Dilation and Extraction, or D & X. These procedures are performed in the second trimester to ensure that necrotic fetal tissue doesn't put the mother at risk for toxic shock, which can be fatal. They are usually performed prior to 22 weeks, but some can be done as late as 26 weeks, usually when genetic test results have been delayed and gross fetal abnormalities have been discovered very late in the game.

          Nothing to do with respectable. No practitioners are performing abortions to fetuses that might be viable outside the womb. None. Find me such an example. There's no such thing as a "back alley" late abortion, the mother would probably almost never survive.  

          The phrase "partial birth abortion" is one coined by the so-called "right to life" movement in order to allege grotesque lies about the services that abortion providers perform. It is not a medical phrase, and it is never used by nurses or practitioners. Late abortion is the accepted phrase, if one insists on focusing on the timing.

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