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View Diary: The Power Of The State: Privacy Rights and Economic Rights (296 comments)

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  •  What will "privacy" consist of? (none)

    That's my question.  If you have a right to privacy, what happens to people who unintentionally violate it, i.e. pass long information they thought was public?  Once you have a right to privacy, you basically task the government with suppressing information about you.

    I'm not sure this is desirable.

    •  Its all in the Article Used (none)
      An amendment could state that you have "a" right to privacy, without stipulating what that right is, giving wiggle room for courts to figure out what is pragmatic or not, or even legislatures.

      If you have "The" right to privacy then the case you make arguably presents itself.

      However, no right to privacy could be universal. The extent you engage in public dealings is the extent to which your privacy ends.

      •  You want to give them wiggle room? (none)

        Why in the world would you want to add a "right to privacy" and then let the courts decide what was meant by that?  Look at the debate over the 2nd and 9th amendments, and ask yourself if that's really what you want.

        Who knows what they'll decide it means.

    •  i would rather see a fight.... (none)
      over what the parameters for a privacy amendment would consist of rather then this endless fight over whether or not we even have a right to privacy....i am tired of hearing that we are the worlds greatest democracy and then we have to fight endlessly over whether the citizens in this great democracy have a right to privacy <sigh>

      "if all the world's a stage, who is sitting in the audience?"

      by KnotIookin on Fri Nov 04, 2005 at 04:38:49 AM PST

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