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  •  It's considered a health care decision (none)
    The right to privacy has to do with the right of a woman to make health care decisions regarding her own body by herself and for herself, with no one but her doctor's advice.  It is her private decision whether to carry a pregnancy to term - that is the thinking, as far as I can tell.  

    I don't know if you are a man or a woman, but assuming you are a man, consider for a moment the risk of carrying around a 30 lb bowling ball 24/7 for 9 months (and the risk to your health, wellbeing, career, etc in doing so) every time you decide to have sex.  This is a tiny bit of the risk that women go through - and I don't mean to equate the decision to have an abortion with dropping a bowling ball, (give me a little lee-way here before snarking and flaming, please!).  

    In terms of privacy, should the government be able to tell you, you MUST carry a 30 lb bowling ball around for 9 months if you decide to have sex? And again the next time you have sex, and again the next time you have sex?  Or should the decision to not do so, be a private decision that you make based on your health, your well being, your willingness or unwillingness to do so?

    And I know this is a rather bad analogy.  I know a child is life and not close to a bowling ball.  Believe me, I have children and I have had an abortion.  I understand all the implications and issues involved. Just trying to get at the essence of why it could be a privacy issue.  

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