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View Diary: Pat Priest, a judge with integrity, named to DeLay trial! [UPDATED] (161 comments)

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  •  A Little About Judge Pat Priest (4.00)
    He litteraly wrote the book on Texas Courtroom Criminal Evidence

    Texas Courtroom Criminal Evidence
    Judge Pat Priest


    Before defending or prosecuting your next criminal proceeding in the state of Texas, make sure you consult Texas Courtroom Criminal Evidence for virtually every criminal evidentiary fact and explanation packed into one durable, hardbound volume.

    Texas Courtroom Criminal Evidence is an ideal reference for criminal law professionals in that it only contains criminal law. Civil law has been omitted so that criminal law professionals can easily locate and cite rules relevant only to their cases. The well-organized format is arranged so that when a rule or statute is referenced, the corresponding explanation on that specific rule or statute follows. This method will allow you to stay on track while reading through only those opinions relevant to your case, without redundancy.

    -One easy-to-carry volume allows for office or courtroom use
    -Access the timeliest criminal case law in one reference
    -Save time by retrieving only criminal evidentiary information
    -Sample cases contain explanation as well as significant rulings to speed up your research.

    About the author:

    Judge Pat Priest, a former district judge, now sits daily as assigned in the district courts of Texas. Judge Priest is a former Adjunct Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure at St. Mary's University School of Law and continues to act as Adjunct Professor of Trial Advocacy at St. Mary's. A founding member and director of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in the 1970's, he was also a director and chairman of the Criminal Law and Procedure Committee of the San Antonio Bar Association.

    The way he jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, it almost make one wonder if Dick DeGuerin is not secretely hoping to see a jury send DeLay away for a long, long time.


    •  Someone... (none)
      please check to see whom he has politically supported.  I have come to the point where I trust no one.  You can tell me, but I need to see for myself who is this guy?  What are his political leanings?  Has he given money to DeLay or his minions?  Call me suspect, but I've been surprised before and don't wish to be surprised again.

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