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View Diary: {UPDATE 5 - PROGRESS!} Abramoff-Scanlon Memo Reveals Secret Republican Strategy, Disses Evangelicals (196 comments)

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  •  Spell it out on a flyer (4.00)
    on every windshield on every car in every fundie church in America.
    •  with GOP in (4.00)
      BOLD letters and Republican in place of names.  This IS the GOP.
    •  Brilliant! (none)
      If we could work up a flyer that is verifyably accurate, not obviously Democrat-related, we could start to peel open some fundie eyes.

      And, this could be fun for all, as nearly every neighborhood has some fundie churches, most of us have access to a printer and copies are cheap at Kinko's (or wherever). 'Easy in' and fun actions get the most takers! I know how good I would feel placing these on windshields....

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