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  •  Are Fundamentalists really even Christians? (4.00)
    The right-wing Fundamentalists do not discuss the life of Jesus. Right-wing "fundamentalist" Christianity study of Jesus stops at Jesus' infancy, and doesn't pick Jesus' life up again until he's in the custody of Romans and being beaten within an inch of his life.

    There's also this whole "forgiveness of sins" issue. Fundamentalist preachers state that simply mouthing an apology for sins committed get ones sins forgiven by Jesus. That's heresy. Fundamentalists have completely bastardized the meaning of repentance. Repentance requires actually being sorry for committing a sin, and exerting great effort NOT TO COMMIT THE SAME SIN AGAIN. You can't ask for forgiveness for being greedy, and then immediately turn around and screw your employees out of their pensions. There's no remorse for the prior sins, nor attempt to change for the better in those actions. That means you are not forgiven.... a little detail the entire fundamentalist Christian movement ignores.

    Errr... I probably shouldn't get started. I could end up with pages and pages of false teachings the fundamentalist movement is responsible for.

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