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View Diary: Va Governor: Kaine opens 8 point lead--Roanoke Coll. Poll (29 comments)

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  •  Sorry, Rasmussen is very reliable (none)
    The only poll to have accurately predicted the 04 elections very close to the actual result. Push polls or not, I'll go with Rasmussen over Zogby anytime.
    •  Lots of polls were close to accurate in 2004 (none)
      It was a close election and most people called a small Bush win in 2004.

      Nearly every political expert, including non-partisan observers like Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg warn against trusting Rasmussen and Zogby.

      Rasmussen is not credible, because the people who take the poll NEVER speak to a real person. That makes the poll ripe for fraud, confusion, and manipulation.

    •  Any Time (none)
      Any time? Does that include Rasmussen in 2000? I highly doubt that.....

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