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View Diary: Let's all be good little Stepford Wives for Kos (162 comments)

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  •  Well, you need to make things clearer. (none)
    I didn't know you were engaging in humor; you might want to tag your diaries as such or use <snark></snark> next time.
    •  Maybe a laugh track too? (none)
      I can also get one of those big neon signs that flashes "APPLAUSE", if you like.

      Once was enough. It was fun to watch the earnest types yap themselves into an indignant frenzy; for those discerning few who recognise something funny without needing signposts, this was a good thread. I wouldn't do it again because I'm too fond of these dumb Kossacks to pull a real alt.syntax.tactical. And I certainly wouldn't add snark tags..... jeezus, mohamed and siddartha, no.

      Once was plenty....

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