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  •  big difference, though (none)
    Recipients can tell immediately that the one Kaine sent out was not FROM Republicans, whereas the one from Kilgore appears to actually be from the Democratic Party.
    •  Tiny difference (4.00)
      Both appear to be from organizations which in reality, did NOT send the flyer.
      Both were designed to be confusing and, in spirit, very dishonest.

      We as a party can't critize the shrub's ethical problems from the high road if we are driving through the mud of the low road.

      Either we are against politicans using "clever"  technicalities in order to confuse the public or we are for it.

      •  While this is true... (none)
        ...I will note that even though we complain about this sort of thing, complaints are far less effective than the dirty tricks themselves.  So I'm rather ambivalent as to whether we should be complaining, or simply playing on the same ballfield.
    •  I don't think so.... (none)
      Without looking at the very fine print, I would have guessed this flyer was a somewhat misleading attempt by the VA Club for Growth to convince voters that Kilgore did not have the full support of the Republican Party. Someone less politically savvy might reasonably assume it came from the VA Republican Party just on the basis of the logo on the front. But it didn't, and so it is misleading at best. The VA Club for Growth has disavowed the flyer. This is sleazy at best, and possibly illegal. No one who is in favor of honesty and openness in government should defend crap like this. Sleaze is sleaze.

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