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View Diary: VA-Gov: GOP dirty tricks (153 comments)

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  •  You do realize (none)
    that you sound like Bill O'Reilly, don't you?
    You're intentionally ignoring the good points made by others here in order to push your single talking point.
    Why is that?
    •  I am not trying to ignore people's points (4.00)
      I am trying to focus people on the real issue.

      Here, the issue being debated is whether Kaine and/or Kilgore sent out flyers that were designed to lead the recipients to believe something that was not true - namely that the flyer was authorized and produced by an organization other than their respective campaigns.

      In both cases, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

      If it appears that I am "ignoring" points, that is because I must be poorly communicating the issue at hand.  My apologies if I have not been as clear as I should be.

    •  Look at that Washington Post link below (4.00)
      I agree that if the Kaine campaign had not included  the big elephant logo on the first page, then the two flyers would be totally different.  But with that logo on the first page I think it's clear that this issue is a wash for the parties - both were engaging the exact same kind of deception.  In fact that stunt by the Kaine campaign seems kind of foolish since really the substance of the press release really didn't need that elephant logo.

      Choosing to emphasise certain points over others is not 'being like Bill O'Reilly'.  It's called judgement, and all thinking people should be able to, and are in fact encouraged to, do it.  The second liberals forget that, we become conservatives.

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