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  •  Democrat/Democratic Party (none)
    I first discovered the GOP use of "Democrat Party" about a year ago -- and since then, I've noticed the most hard-core of Republicans tend to use the term (ie. Tom DeLay in a news conference).
    •  It appeared in the 2004 campaign. (none)
      I can't remember the details but I read/heard news stories about a Republican consultant drawing up a list of words and phrases they should use to make the Dems look bad. "Democrat" rather than "Democratic" was one of them.
      •  re: It appeared in the 2004 campaign (none)
        Actually, I remember it pre-1994.  I've always considered it a mark of surrender when you let your opponents name you.  When the Democrats acquiesed to being called the Democrat Party, it was only a matter of time before they lost Congress.  They let the Republicans define the battleground.

        Isn't it time to take it back?

        •  Newt Gingrich wrote a style manual (none)
          for republican canidates, sometime before the 1994 elections, in which he delineated the adjectives that should be applied to each. Of course, they're "honest" "commited", whathaveyou,

          and we're a bunch of cheating, lying radical socialists.

          They use "DEMOCRAT" for the same reason they refer to "The Gays" and not just "Gays".

          "Democratic" is an adjective, and in our society, a positive one.

          "Democrat" is a creepy cabal of people who want to rule you, like "Theocrat" or "Autocrat".

          It's not that complicated, it's just evil.

          We're the democratic party, damit.

          Capitalism and Nationalism are not your friends. God? Maybe.

          by Ihowl on Sun Nov 06, 2005 at 12:15:13 PM PST

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          •  Or 'bureaucrat" (none)
            Good catch, I hadn't made that connection, just thought it was intended to be a subliminal play on 'rat'

            "bureaucrat" really fits their framing: inept, derisible, big wasteful government

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