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View Diary: GOP tries to disenfranchise WA voters with false challenges (130 comments)

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  •  All Minorities Should Be Disgusted (none)
    by the Republican Party.

    Hispanics, Asians, etc...

    I've got no respect... NONE... for any hispanics that vote for the GOP. Not that whites should be let off the hook, but they've got even less reason to be smart voters, and some are just hopeless. But I don't understand how any minority could be fooled into voting for the GOP...? Take off the Religious blinders people. Y'all got duped. Wise up.

    And they've got no dignity, no ethical or moral compass, no integrity... and if they can vote for a party that obviously thinks so little of them, they've got no real self-respect, no real respect for their children either.

    Hispanics and Asians need to wise up and get their heads out of their asses... learn a few things about the party they're supporting... if only in a slight 40/55% minority. That's still shameful. And again, not that the white vote is any less shameful. But again, whites are stupid. Minorities should know better after all this time.

    The fact that any minorities would vote for the GOP fills me with disdain for said people. They're voting to disenfranchise their own children out of some ingorant misunderstanding of how the economy works or some bigoted Religious crap.

    Well, calling all Hispanics and Asians: take a look at the economy dumbasses... and start paying attention to how blacks in this country vote.

    They know what they're doing. Time the rest of the minorities in this country got a fucking clue... in my ever so outrageous opinion.

    U.S. blue collar vs. CEO income in 1992 was 1:80; in 1998 it's 1:418.

    by Lode Runner on Sun Nov 06, 2005 at 12:01:38 PM PST

    •  Minorities are getting it ... from MSM! (none)
      Last night's local news featured an African-American woman who was outraged and wonderfully articulate, saying the letter she received took her back to 1958.  

      This appears to be backfiring for the Reps, and will probably be the only continuing political story for the next two days.  The Republican response (that they're only trying to help the county blah blah blah) is usually delivered by Chris Vance, the Rep Party Chair, a soft-bodied slug of a man who oozes insincerity and makes them look like the cretins they are.

      Power corrupts. Hey, let's learn it the hard way!

      by Bob Love on Sun Nov 06, 2005 at 07:02:24 PM PST

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    •  All Folks should be disgusted (none)
      The fact that white folks would vote for the GOP fills me with disdain for said people.

      Especially the po' white folks! They should know better after all this time....

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