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View Diary: IN-08: Heartless vote comes back to haunt Republican (91 comments)

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  •  the trouble with Indy... (none)
    the city is called "the circle city" for several reasons. One is the fairly rigid racial and political segregation it has. Indy itself is fairly diverse, for a midwest town, and pretty solidly big-D Democratic. But, it is encircled by a ring of mostly white, mostly GOP suburbs that are growing at a sickening rate.

    Nasty tract houseing (from the big McMansions in the north to the single/multi-family combo developments along the west and south) spreads like invasive kudzu across swaths of "used-to-be farm land". These counties (Indy takes up all of Marion county) that ring it are all becoming, to varrying degrees, very wealthy and very conservative.

    This is a new kind of Indiana Conservative - not the old-school rural GOP voter. These people are plugged into the consumerist society all around us, the commute to and from work either downtown or in their own suburb, and cheer for the Colts and Pacers and argue about Purdue and IU basketball. They are voting GOP on values (fear) and money (tax cuts).

    So, yes - Indianapolis is purple to blue. But it's population (officially about 850,000 people) is equalled or exceeded in the half dozen counties right around it filled with relatively rich, white, conservatives. Then it's just the rest of state's red vs. Gary and Bloomington's blue. Indy/Exurb cancells itself out and the other 80+ counties (all solidly red, mind you) beat out the 2 reliable liberals.

    Mastering the difference between 'need' and 'greed' will determine humanity's survival.

    by Taylor on Mon Nov 07, 2005 at 03:09:26 PM PST

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    •  Great analysis, (none)
      but one point that you missed.  I think that there are pockets of purple. or even red... that are just ripe to turn blue, and these are communities like Anderson, Kokomo, Evansville--heavily union and hit hard by economic downturns in manufacturing.   This regions, while probably socially conservative to libertarian, are economically populist and non nonsense.   CAFTA and growing deficits matter to these folks, and they aren't rabidly anti abortion and anti gay--these are people appalled by the Schiavo fight from the standpont of the gov't intruding in their business.  In some areas, a good miliary concerntration that is pretty pissed off about the mistreatment of vets and soldiers, in and beyond Iraq.  This is the population that swings when Democrats win, IMHO.  

      Hello from the people's republic of Bloomington!

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