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View Diary: VA-Gov: Why today matters (updated w/ poll) (87 comments)

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  •  just voted (none)
    Ahhh. I voted this morning at about 7am. Now i feel clean again, unless i find out Kilgore won.
    •  awesome ... (none)
      what was the polling place turnout?
      •  Light, down in Harvey Morgan territory. (none)
      •  turnout (none)
        My polling place (in fairfax) had people walking in and out while I was there, but I also walked straight to the desk and voted immediately.  Not quite like the 1-2 hour wait last year, obviously.
        •  Same here (none)
          I voted in Annandale (W.T. Woodson High School District), and I only had to wait for one person in order to sign in, and then had to wait also for one person in order to vote.  This makes me nervous about the results.  At the same time, almost nobody voted late in the day during the last election, which I doubt will happen this time since the stakes are not as high (although certainly not low).

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          by jim bow on Tue Nov 08, 2005 at 07:53:36 AM PST

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      •  Pretty good (none)
        I'm in West Ghent in Norfolk, VA. I voted at an elementary school about 3 blocks from my house. I voted around 7:15AM. There were 6 voting booths. When my wife and i went in, 4 were taken. We took the last 2. It wasn't mobbed, but there was a constant stream of people throughout the days.

        I'm going to go collect the poll counts from a couple places for the Democrats. I doubt they'll want me publish the numbers, but i'll ask.

      •  Turnout was light (none)
        For everyone in my office from Arlington and Alexandria, which I tend to think is a bad sign for Kaine.
      •  Charlottesville (none)
        Technically Albemarle - at Albemarle H.S. - turnout was really high.  I voted at 10 and there were MANY more people there than last year.  I talked to some election workers and they said there had already been over 400 voters by 10AM.  I hope it stays that way all day!

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        by Mahanoy on Tue Nov 08, 2005 at 09:41:51 AM PST

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