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View Diary: VA-Gov: Why today matters (updated w/ poll) (87 comments)

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  •  Ohhh (pain in stomach) (none)
    I know you're talking nationally, but I couldn't take it if Kilgore won. I mean, Gilmore was so bad. So, so bad.
    •  yes, please... (none)
      spare us another Gilmore! Blech! He ran the state into the ground, just like Bush and his buddies are running the Fed into the ground.

      One thing about Kaine? If they call me one more time, sheesh, are they dense? I told a real live human from the Kaine campaign who telemarketed a few weeks ago that I'm voting for Kaine, but I still keep getting these robo-calls telling me to vote for him and why. Its really quite annoying. Last night we got THREE calls. I realize they want people to vote and vote for Kaine, but OTOH I imagine they're also pissing some people off with the full court telemarketing press. Im a dedicated voter since I was 18, I'll be there, wouldja just stop calling! :)

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