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View Diary: Why are the CA Props all bad? (49 comments)

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  •  they're all bad (none)
    because they were mostly put up there by ahnold in a special election calculated to catch us napping in a low-turnout election, flooding us with fundie GOTV.

    73 sucks, but you know that.

    74 makes it even harder for the state to attract and retain new teachers, which is already a problem, and because of the extended tenure process makes it easier for administrators to hold the threat of denying tenure to keep teachers in line.

    75 undercuts the ability of unions to fight for their constituents' interests, and tilts the balance of power back to the chamber of commerce, who flood the poltiical system with money. nobody is legally required to join a public union, so nobody's forced to give money if they don't want to already. this is about hurting public unions because they have stood up to ahnold's cutbacks.

    76 basically turns the governorship into a dictatorship, and allows ahnold the ability to overrule previous propositions that guaranteed a certain level of funding for education. the spending growth cap makes it impossible for a future democratic governor to, say, set up any new program that would require increased spending. like, say, universal healthcare or a decently funded education system. the right is on its way out, and is trying to blunt any democratic tide, like they did when they required any new taxes to be passed by a 2/3 vote.

    77 sucks, and we should do a better redicstricting plan out in the open for 2010. agreed that thye current setup is pretty bad, although a lot fo that is because california is fairly politicall segregated by region as it is (how would one redistrict the foothills or san francisco?).

    78 is a pharma con job that looks like prescription drug benefit but in reality just makes bigger loopholes, and distracts people from 79, the real prescription drug bill. it doesn't seem near as destructive as 73-77.

    crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

    by wu ming on Tue Nov 08, 2005 at 09:47:56 AM PST

    •  oh, and fuck ahnold (none)
      if he put up a proposition to give everybody free puppies and candy, i'd vote it down, just to spite him.

      crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

      by wu ming on Tue Nov 08, 2005 at 09:49:25 AM PST

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