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View Diary: Why are the CA Props all bad? (49 comments)

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    Prop 74-- Also removes the right for the teacher to have a hearing if fired before tenured.  For example, parents of students who would attend a hearing on the teacher to fight on the teacher's behalf would not have such a forum.  The idea that moving the tenure to five years would have no effect on the long tenured instructors.  Instead of providing something productive such as training, makes the entering of the teaching profession more strenuous in a field where in California, we often are in NEED of teachers.  With a five year process, suddenly some teachers may choose to teach in higher education--almost takes as long and better pay and more rights in academic freedom compared to K-12.

    Prop 75-- Union members already have the ability to opt out if they disagree with political support of the union.  Now, before the union can support any candidate or cause, there's additional red tape that a corporation could easily take to court if they find questionable--the union has to ask their members first, before doing anything.  Thus, creating more red tape and more of a time lag to respond to any political moves, legislation, etc.  It puts the political battle strongly in favor of corporations, etc.  It's much easier for the union to respond to political assaults (such as Arnold's wanting to radically change the pensions system, cut it, and make them 401K, etc.) when there isn't more barriers to a union before they can even speak!

    Prop 76-- Disrupts checks and balances and allows the governor to rule out legislation on spending quotas that the people in California at large have voted by initative.  Instead of an agreement with legislature and governor (thus, checks and balances), gives governor absolute authority to reduce spending below spending requirements/allotments in ratio of the entire state budget.  Education, health and other service areas could suffer with such cuts going deeper than the spending allotments provided by state initiative by the California public at large.  Could some money taken away from education, etc. go to special interests spending based on a governor's whim?

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