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  •  Oh my fucking Christ, I have seen the light! (none)
    The way you have wittily suggested I do the impossible has put me in my place. Never again will I engage in a perfectly legal activity on the off that it might inconvenience someone. Halle-motherfucking-lujah! In fact, I'm going to go go around and bother people for the greater good right now!

    You! Get out of flavor country! I don't care you're at a place that people go to smoke!

    You! The one keeping out of the rain! I don't care if you get pneumonia, you need to go further away!

    Jesus H. Goatse, I feel better already!

    /* You are not expected to understand this. */

    by ct on Tue Nov 08, 2005 at 10:58:53 PM PST

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