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  •  I'm so sorry to hear that (none)
    just the slightest smell of smoke outdoors ruins your lungs. You need to have that checked out.

    And another thing. The pro 901 TV ad that was run is a good indication of where the minds of the vehement maniacal anti-smokers are.

    I mean, there's this woman with her husband and two kids at a restaurant. A couple of guys, several tables away, light up and this wacky bitch breaks out a humongous industrial size fan and blows the two smokers completely out of the restaurant. How nice of her. Her kids will probably grow up to be smokers and get thrown over the rail at the space needle for lighting up some day.

    Really, there is a woman who is very anti-smoking but she would rather drag around a ten foot industrial fan to blow people out the door when they light up than to call ahead and ask if it's a non-smoking place. Even if she didn't have a phone handy, why didn't she leave the place before she sat down and ate there? She could have asked about it or smelled it. But NOOO, she would rather break out the old industrial size fan and brutalize the two poor schmucks who knew it was a smoking place.

    So what I'm saying is that the pro-901 ad is encouraging illegal brutal action against people who aren't breaking any law. Yeah, I know, those smokers deserved it. If you pro-901'ers had any sense of concern for anyone other than yourselves, you would feel sorry for the poor smokers who are hurting their own health. No one is forcing you to smoke or be around it. You don't need to get violent about it.

    Freedom's Angels ~Cindy/Bunny/Sibel~

    by Skylor on Tue Nov 08, 2005 at 11:15:13 PM PST

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