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  •  I'm not sure what Bizarro Washington you live in. (none)
    But in Olympia, at least, almost all the bartenders smoke, and the owners are pretty enraged about this too. My experiences in Seattle have been much the same. Maybe for folks like you, who apparently live in Bellevue or something, it's different.

    Now, of course, you've won. The Forces of Non-Smoking Righteousness have defeated sanity. I hope you enjoy ruining things for everyone else. Fucker.

    /* You are not expected to understand this. */

    by ct on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 09:34:16 AM PST

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    •  Compassion for others (none)
      Non-smoking righteousness?  How about non-smoking attempts to get others to have a little compassion?

      Second hand smoke in situations where people can't get away from it is a form of assault. Demeaning people who protest that assault is abuse.

      Once I was hit and I cried because it hurt.  And the person who hit me became angrier, telling me as my arm throbbed in pain that it didn't hurt, that I was just pretending.  

      Similar to my experience with a smoker standing next to a no smoking sign.  The smoke that goes down those stairs that I have walk up to get to work hurts my lungs I told him in as meek and friendly a way as I could muster. Oh, get off your soapbox, he said, twisted up hateful face.

      Seems that, when someone's set to discount another person's pain, they usually don't budge -- even when faced with the evidence that they're helping to cause that pain.

      And there lies one of the key cultural puzzles we've got to try to solve.  How do we get people to value the viewpoints and wellbeing of others more than we do now?   Cause we suck at this now.  We're just terrible at it as a culture.  How do we get people to consider, without prejudice, simple evidence like the statement: "this hurts".

      •  I see a flaw (none)
        Getting beaten up is not the same as standing next to a smoker, no matter how much you'd like it to be so. That said, you obviously encountered a jerk who was smoking in a non-smoking area. I'm not against there being non-smoking areas -- what I'm against is people who want to ban smoking in any public place.

        I'm sorry someone punched you, but I'm afraid it has little bearing on whether or not people should be able to smoke in public places that cater to smokers.

        /* You are not expected to understand this. */

        by ct on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 11:27:54 AM PST

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