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View Diary: Republicans refuse to swear in testifying oil execs (124 comments)

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  •  you're deluded (none)
    "certainly we can switch to bio-diesel?" yeah, when?  got that developed yet?  figured out how to make those engines start in sub-zero temperatures? i didn't think so. u're in luck, i work for a heavy truck manufacturer and i can say unequivocally you're dreaming.

    hydrogen fuel cells and solar? mb you wouldn't sound like such an idiot if you'd propose how we make that work right now?  perhaps we could give the tax breaks that we currently give to the oil companies which you don't think are subsidies to fund research to make these things POSSIBLE (yes, operative word--POSSIBLE) right now b/c RIGHT NOW is when people need alternatives not 20-30 years from now when the market will bear it.

    yes of course, ppl can move closer to work or work closer to home.  yes all people can do that. after all, if we all lived near large epicenters there would be no problems w/ overpopulation versus rural wilderness.  nice utopia you got there.  do you charge admission?

    and if the price gets too high ppl will switch to other means? everybody look! it's dick cheney prowling around on daily kos b/c he's nothing better to do.  i'm glad to see that you still think people struggling to make ends meet require no more afterthought than the ppl we napalm in iraq.  after all, it's their fault that they can't afford gas or more expensive alternatives.

    ppl who can't afford a used ford focus can't buy new hybrids. ppl who can't afford to heat their homes can't afford thermaguard windows.  ppl who can't afford their gas bills cannot afford to install a new electric furnace.

    you're out of touch w/reality.  and just b/c you don't accept evidence of price gouging b/c it doesn't fit in your free-market mentality doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    •  your mockery detector is busted (none)
      I said all that stuff just to point out that it was a foolish idea.

      That's why my next paragragh was...

      "Oh that's right, those are all far more expensive or far dirtier than using petroleum. Lucky for us they sell us oil so cheaply or we'd have to use those less attractive alternatives and then we'd be in real trouble.  Thank You Exxon!"

      I didn't think i was being that subtle

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