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  •  NY State (4.00)
    In Duchess County, NY, Democrats picked up 4 seats in county legislature, making it 13R to 12D.  We also won comptroller, Poughkeepsie Town Supervisor, and, I believe, picked up a seat in the Town Council.  This is significant because Duchess is rapidly growing, as well as staunchly Republican (they didn't vote for FDR even once, despite his living here).  So we are all very happy here.
    •  and Long Island (4.00)
      has gone completely Democratic for the first time ever! I think what we are seeing is the consolidation of the "Northern Strategy"--in the next few election cycles, we will remove the GOP out of all offices in the Northeast. Sad to say that my town in Westchester kept a GOP mayor and we elected a GOP district attourney to succeed that bitch Pirro.


      by michael1104 on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 09:03:56 PM PST

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      •  details on the Long Island results (4.00)
        Newsday: Democratic gains mark end of an era

        The Democrats' dramatic gains in Tuesday's election signal the end of decades of Republican domination of Long Island politics, experts in both parties say.

        "The days of monolithic Republican control are over," said John V.N. Klein, a former GOP Suffolk County Executive. "In the past when this kind of thing happened, I'd say give it a couple of elections and we'll be back in charge again. We can't count on that anymore."

        Judith Hope, former state Democratic chairwoman, said the suburban swing toward the Democrats amounted to a "seismic change" in the state's political landscape. "For generations, Long Island was the heart and soul of the state Republican Party," she said. "But this election was so decisive, it shows that Democratic gains in recent years are not an aberration."

        While Democrats Bill Clinton and John Kerry have won Long Island in their presidential bids, local Democrats for the first time Tuesday consolidated their gains -- winning control of the legislatures in both counties as well as the offices of county executive and district attorney.

        Those gains come on top of Democrats' control of four of the Island's five congressional seats and the September special election of Marc Alessi to the State Assembly. "Only a few years ago, this kind of thing would have been unheard of and undreamed of," said Hope, an East Hampton resident.

        "Frist has this all upside down. He thought Terri Schiavo could see and his trust was blind."

        by jab on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 09:18:08 PM PST

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      •  the northern strategy (4.00)
        might also be considered a variant of armando's lincoln 1860. not just new england, but the upper midwest and the west are good targets.

        crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

        by wu ming on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 09:20:49 PM PST

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      •  Tony Castro (none)
        is the Democrat who ran for Westchester DA against Republican Janet DiFiore to suceed Jeanine Pirro. DiFiore won narrowly by less than 10K votes; last I heard, Castro has not conceded the race.

        On Long Island, Tom Suozzi's coattails helped a  Democratic prosecutor named Kathleen Rice beat eight-term Nassau County District Attorney Denis Dillon, a Republican.

        More coverage of local Westchester races from the New York Times. I noticed this part:

        The rancor reached a peak in the final weekend of the campaign, after Ms. DiFiore distributed a full-color mailing that accused Mr. Castro of lying on several issues and of letting a Bronx murderer go free.

        Several of Mr. Castro's supporters said the tabloid-style advertisement resembled ones the Republicans used during the 1988 presidential race to link Michael S. Dukakis to the release of Willie Horton, a convicted murderer who committed a rape while on furlough from prison. They called on Ms. DiFiore to renounce the ad, but she refused.

        Here's an article on how the Republican hold over Long Island is slowly slipping and discussions over 2006 gubernatorial candidates:

        Representative Peter T. King said that while he liked both [Tom Golisano and Bill Weld], he wished the party could field a more working-class Republican candidate to appeal to suburban voters. "We need someone like the Al D'Amato of 1980," he said.

        Also, I must ask: how did Don Fields in Upper Darby township, PA - who announced his candidacy here - do Tuesday? I can't find anything on the race online.

        "I say of the Republican Party, no party has done so much for so few who need so little." - Eliot Spitzer

        by Blue387 on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 10:34:05 PM PST

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        •  Delco Times (none)
          I think I'll see if I can find a print edition of Wednesday's Delaware County Times for complete results, but I've been trying to find out what I can through their website.

          Here is an article summarizing the still-bleak state of the Delco Democratic party. I don't see Don Fields' name mentioned, but Upper Darby is. Doesn't sound like there were any surprise Democratic winners.

        •  Sorry for the delayed reply (4.00)
          It looks like I lost. I say this because the votes aren't certified yet, but I'm behind by 121.

          I've been making the rounds to supporters and haven't had a chance to post here, but since you are kind enough to ask about my race, I'll fill you in.

          Final total was REP-1013 DEM(me)-892. But compare this to the  race in 2001 where the final count was 1287 to 467. This, at least, gives some perspective.
          ( I had a hard time formatting below, sorry)

          Precinct 1    2    3   4   5   6   7     8     9      Total
          DEM      58   38  56  39  74   44   49  65   44     467
          REP     196 145 155 154 170 117 113 88 149   1287


          Precinct   1     2     3    4    5    6    7   8   9    Total  
          ME(D)     103 122  112  93  134 87  79  67  95    892
          HIM(R)    195  34  134 128  145 99 112  70  96   1013

          Here are some of the other positives:
          Notice that his numbers are down, Looks like I took 274 votes away from him. I also got 150 more people to vote this time than voted last time.

          Across the district, in every precinct, I was eating up the votes. His numbers either stayed the same or got worse where I was making improvements in every precinct. Naturally, my poorest precincts were the ones where I didn't campaign the hardest.

          In 2001 the Democratic candidate's best precinct had 74 votes. I broke 100 votes in 4 precincts and broke 90 in two others.

          I doubled the vote in our first precinct (his home precinct) where his numbers stayed the same as 2001. In MY home precinct I beat him by 88 votes. This was so shocking to the precincts election board that one (Republican) inspector actually said "That can't be right". But the Judge of Elections ( A Republican as well, but one that voted for me, God bless her) said "Oh YES it is." (BTW, my precinct went for GWB in 2004, ain't that something?)

          I did the best of all of the Democratic District (Ward) candidates. I had the best turnout percentage, I came the closest to winning, registration was 2-1 against me and it didn't matter.

          I had great Election Day stories too, it was almost like a year ago. I had someone show up in a walker after DOUBLE hip surgery to vote for me, I had a woman carrying her swaddled newborn handing out my sample ballot at one of my precincts. I managed to get some former Kerry volunteers to come out of retirement and help me out. I had people volunteering for me that day and the night before. I had Republican voters handing back the sample ballot to the REP pollworkers and taking mine.

          And I had my opponent sweating bullets all day. It was great.

          I have a few regrets, but I won't mention them here. I'll try to make Drinking Liberally in Philly next week so that I can share war-stories.

          I appreciated every Dem and Rep voter I got, but I LOVED every GWB voter that said they were voting for me. To me, that meant I found the common ground in the Township. It meant that I was speaking to everyone. It also meant that the Republican party couldn't actually count on any vote in my district, because I was getting them.

          Despite the loss, a great day and a great experience. Thank you everyone here for the support, it really helped.

          (This is kind of long, I guess I'll diary this?)


        •  There was more good news in DelCo (none)
          from Havertown via

          Election Results:
          6th Ward Voters Declare Their Independence from George Twardy

          In an historic night in Haverford Township politics, Democrats took two of the four commissioners races. The biggest story was in the 6th ward where controversial commissioner George Twardy was beaten by Larry Holmes. Holmes won three of the four 6th ward precincts. He won the redistricted 6-4 precinct by 240 to 118 votes, and performed stronger than expected in Twardy strongholds in the 6-1 and 6-2 precincts.

          In other races:

          In the 4th ward, Fred Moran (R) withstood a fierce challenge from Jan Marie Rushforth (D), winning by 30 votes to retain his seat.
          In the 8th ward, challenger Tom Broido (D) defeated Ken Richardson (R) in a close race. Mario Oliva (R) took the 2nd ward race over Dan Quinn(D).

          Democracy is a contact sport...

          by jsmagid on Thu Nov 10, 2005 at 07:19:11 PM PST

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    •  and just north of Albany (4.00)
      in Saratoga Springs, Democrats swept all of the seats up for election.  An incredible result in a city where Republicans outnumber Democrats.

      Headline: :

      The Democrats cleaned house at City Hall.  And now it belongs to them..
      •  Are you from Skidmore? (none)
        Maybe they'll sweep out John Sweeney next?  You can only hope!
        •  go thoroughbreds! yay (none)
          yeah, the shame of my life is living (even temporarily) in Sweeney's district.  God I hate the guy.  Luckily there is a woman running against him... I've seen posters for her on campus (I think she's young and blond, so the guys in the Skidmore Democrats like her.  who ever said college students are shallow?  )
    •  Don't Forget Erie County, NY (none)
      The County Legislature went from 8-7 Democrat to 12-3 Democrat.  What is even sweeter is that about 5 years ago, the Legislature (which was then controlled by the Republicans thanks to a last minute party switch) passed a provision reducing the number os seats and gerrymandering the remaining districts in the hopes of gaining a permanent majority.  

      The County Comptroller went from Republican to Democratic hands.  The Town of Tonawanda Town Council went from Red to Blue for the first time in memory.  State Sen. Byron Brown swamped the great white GOP hope Kevin Helfer to become the first black Buffalo Mayor.

      There were a few scattered GOP victories and takeaways (Town of Amherst Supervisor, Town of Hamburg Supervisor, Erie County Sheriff) but the general Democratic sweep was so clear that the chairman of the local GOP was reduced to saying "I don't know what the voters were thinking" in an interview with WBFO radio.

      •  Livingston County, NY (none)
        Livingston County also reflects this trend, and it's really amazing. This county is the deepest crimson of all of rural NY usually, but not this time. The local GOP, in the arrogance of one-party rule, decided that for the 2 county judge spots that were open they would nominate one very well-respected attorney (we Dems had no argument with him) and one very shady attorney who had a domestic violence conviction 15 years ago! He plead down initial felony charges to a misdemeanor, but the fellow plead guilty to menacing his girlfriend with a gun. And this guy was going to issue orders of protection?! He should have been the subject of one! So we Dems took one of the very qualified attorneys the GOP had passed over for this guy (unfortunately, lawyers in Livingston County feel they must be registered as Republicans to get work), and we worked our butts off for him. He was a good candidate (he's switching his party registration right now), and we won.  The criminal dude didn't even win his home town. Best result of all is that a very large portion of the Republican county committee was outraged by the second nomination (it was pushed through by the sheriff and DA -- hmmm), so the local power structure has been shattered and it won't be easy to put it back together.  This spilled over into other local elections, too.  The town supervisors' (mayors') races that we contested both went Democratic as well.  It seems I finally live in a 2-party county! It's taken years, a lot of hard work, and GOP overreach to get there, but we got there.

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