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  •  A government as good as the people (4.00)
    Our message in 2006 should involve some sort of call for government reform after twelve years of GOP control of Congress and state/local offices. It is time for a change and we should tie Bush and other more prominent Republicans around the necks of state/local Republicans as sympatizers.

    If the people want pork barrel spending and government inefficiency, vote Republican. If you want fraud, abuse and scandal, vote Republican. If you want activist judges who will turn back the clock and repeal the entire 20th century, choose Republican. If you enjoy lies and deception, if you enjoy fake populism with a posh country club accent, push a button for a Republican. (Maybe your vote will finally count!) Finally, if you are so concerned about abortion and gay marriage as to let schools, roads, corporations and politicians be sucked into an empty vacuum where integrity and accountability don't exist, feel free to vote Republican while you still can.

    Republicans pretend to be leaders, posing with soldiers and spending money on slick campaigns to soothe criticism. But leadership goes beyond simply lifting your shirtsleeves - it involves doing dirty work. If you want true leadership, vote Democratic because democracy starts at home.

    "I say of the Republican Party, no party has done so much for so few who need so little." - Eliot Spitzer

    by Blue387 on Wed Nov 09, 2005 at 10:46:04 PM PST

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