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  •  We shouldn't fall behind ourselves either (4.00)
    We should realize that despite the decade-long blizzard of ill will from the right wing and the right wing media, millions of everyday people read between the lines and voted, every so slightly, for change.

    My small town, also in SE Pennsylvania, had a small but nice shift in the borough council and if nothing else it might serve as a guidepost for what has to happen between now and the next election day.

    LOCAL organizing. Support the good candidates and work hard against the bad ones, it's a simple formula.

    Cheney and Bush have dominated because, with the help of Judy Miller and countless unscrupulous news organizations, they instilled fear in the whole country. People cannot think rationally when they are afraid for their lives. Now we are emerging from this latest bout with McCarthyistic bullshit (terrorists rather than Reds) and we have rebuild government from the grassroots up.

    And it's fine if you think I sound naive, I don't give a shit, simple messages work. Just read back through Bill Clinton speeches, he knew how to connect with people.

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