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  •  WAKE COUNTY, NC (none)
    In runoff elections Tuesday, Democrats Eleanor Goettee, a longtime teacher and education training professional, and Lori Millberg, an attorney and parent volunteer, held the line against the forces of "school choice" and anti-science curriculum, soundly defeating their opponents.

    The results confirmed the good news for Democrats in North Carolina's capital county and in Raleigh itself.  IN October's elections, Democratic mayor Charles Meeker was swept back into office overwhelmingly, and the voters handed  him a working progressive majority on the city council.

    Next year should be a good one in NC - the top of the ticket will be three popular Democratic US Congressmen - Price, Etheridge and DailyKos denizen Brad Miller.  The last time congressmen led the ticket?  1994.  Big things change in these elections, and we're ready to eat some Republican lunches next year.

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