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View Diary: Fox pegs Bush at 36 (314 comments)

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  •  that's silly (none)
    nonsense. the repugs are no where near that in control of things right now.

    -2.63 -5.08 my #s may look moderate, but i dislike the DLC

    by sadair on Thu Nov 10, 2005 at 09:32:53 PM PST

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    •  Control of "things" (none)
      Republicans can exert great control upon the information that the public receives when the media plays along with them. And Fox is THE most powerful weapon in the Republican Media Arsenal.  

      I don't think that it is much of a stretch to think that administration or Republican party higher-ups put the suggestion out to friendly media organs that they were willing to acknowledge a 36% bottom to put a stop to the free-fall coverage.

      Here are the dynamics you can't ignore: Fox Reports Propaganda and Fox Runs Stories that Support Bush. Of course the 36% story is an attempt to stop the bleeding.

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