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  •  Perhaps the (non-spinning) parts of the infra- (none)
    structure will even promote sealife along the lines of providing habitat/a site for anchorage for tidal organisms or those that live in shallow waters similar to the artificial reefs created here and there by the sinking of obsolete ships (and that type to thing).

    Or maybe it will just be a royal pain in the ass having to go periodically scrape off all the barnacles . . .

    •  Squid in sound study equipment (none)
      in the Pacific.

      A few years back there was a physics of sound study from Auckland University where they built tripods and suspended equipment on a totally empty bottom area near New Zealand.   Later, when they started getting erratic results, they went back and found a thriving colony(?) of squid happily using the structures for whatever it was they did.

      By the way----TD can't supply all our energy.  Nor can wind or solar or wave or tide or any one thing.

      A borrow and binge republican's head explodes when its pointed out that the high tax era was our longest sustained growth. oooops there goes another one

      by maybeeso in michigan on Fri Nov 11, 2005 at 12:34:34 PM PST

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