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  •  Thoughts on implementation in the U.S. (4.00)
    Great diary.  Many thanks for bringing this to our attention and giving such a great overview.

    Now, on the politics, how do we go about pushing for implementation of this?  You've mentioned some pilot projects.  Who supports these on the Hill, and who's opposed?  We can all guess the obvious opponents, but it would be great to be able to compile full lists of supporters and opponents.  Are there environmental orgs. already pushing this in Washington?  If not, we should organize to do some grassroots lobbying.  For example, you mentioned a pilot project in the Chesapeake Bay, so MD Kossacks could try to energize their reps. and senators on this.  How can funding for such projects be included in future transportation bills?  Some of these models can be built under bridges, etc.  (Hey, maybe Stevens will agree to put turbines under the bridge to nowhere?  Then he can string up disco lights for the moose and wolves.)

    Just some thoughts, and maybe others are already working on this and have thought these things through.  If not, let's get started.

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