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  •  One other thing (none)
    On the Moon, just like on the surface of the Earth, solar panels see the Sun 50% of the time. In a geosynch orbit, if I've done the math correctly, panels see the Sun roughly 98% of the time, with Earth eclipsing the Sun the remaining 2% of the time. Even ignoring inverse-square issues, that means that any given size array will generate twice as much power in orbit than on the Moon.


    •  What about the lunar poles? (none)
      There must be some lunar terrain at the poles which gets much more illumination than 50%. Find a mountain or plateau at one of the poles and I bet you could get above 90%.

      I am become Dubya, Destroyer of Words...

      by Swampfoot on Fri Nov 11, 2005 at 12:18:32 PM PST

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