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View Diary: Sex & Democratic Family Values - I'm glad Obama Spoke Out (29 comments)

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  •  I hope Obama can frame this correctly (none)
    I'm still angered at the "civil libertarians" who railed against Tipper Gore, who I think was sincere but didn't realize what she was getting herself into.  Her attempt to provide more parental choice for childrens' entertainment was not an attempt to censor adult choices. Obama is selling the same point, but I think he can do it with more finesse.

    TV is a consumer product, and it's fairly ubiquitous.  You can not have a TV in your home and your kids will still watch it at a friends house or at grandma's. The whole Bratz/Brittany/Paris Hilton culture of hootchie is not what most parents want for their little girls, but its becoming increasingly difficult for anyone who isn't Amish to limit a child's exposure.

    Regarding programming directed toward adults: I am amazed at how lurid primetime tv has become, and also how incredibly unimaginative and predictable.  There are about four or five crime shows out now which, under the guise of educating the public, are really excuses to salivate over sexual serial killers and pedophiles.  And violence, either implied or explicit, is often sadistic and depressing.  I thankfully can turn off the TV and avoid current movies, games, etc.  But I can't avoid the conclusion that I live in a country full of people who apparently enjoy entertainment that includes sadistic, sexualized violence. That's not very reassuring.

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