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  •  Falafel Bill (none)
    Please start referring to this guy as 'FALAFEL BILL' at every opportunity.  While it might not be appropriate in an official letter, it can be very effective in diminishing his stature when used on the web.

    This stool-monkey has mastered the forces of broadcasting to develop his own little retail universe.  More power to him on that count. But his use of his influence to spread his own shallow opinions masked as fact is hackery at it's lowest.  As John Stewart said to the CNN boys, he is "bad for America."

    Let's send FALAFEL BILL to the carnival where he belongs!

    PS - sent letter, thanks for posting it.

    •  What is the falafel reference? (none)
      Can someone please explain what the whole association between BOR and falafel is? Is it an inside joke or does BOR have some freakish obsession with falafel?

      I see BOR and falafel mentioned all the time here on dKos, so I thought it might be some kind of local inside joke. But it was brought up on Olbermann's show recently, where Olberann said something about the Coit tower looking like a Falafel to Mo Rocca, but it seemed Mo Rocca didn't know the inside-joke either.

      If only Republicans cared for their country as much as they care about their image

      by jeffwass on Sat Nov 12, 2005 at 07:20:14 PM PST

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