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  •  It's not rhetoric (4.00)
    Rhetoric would be him saying, "Look, you don't want to support the war effort by allowing recruiters into our schools?  Than don't expect any Federal assistance.  It's a two way street, buddy".

    It crosses the line when he makes the suggestion that it would be okay for an American city to be attacked because they don't agree with one of his policy points.

    At least, that's my interpretation.

    I hope you wrote to his sponsors suggesting that you would not buy their products - and I hope you used the rationale that your conscience agrees with.

    We are all in this together :)

    •  Agreed. (none)
      If what Bill O'Reilly said was just "rhetoric" then it's just "rhetoric" when Bin Laden calls on his followers to attack America. O'Leily has a bunch of survivalist types listening to him too, and many of them are in the Bay Area. Even if Al Qaeda doesn't hear him or act on what he invited them to do, many of the domestic terrorists might. There is that element in this country.

      To me, O'Leily just showed that he is the equivalent of Bin Laden, he has his followers, and he has called for a violent attack on one of our most beautiful cities. He has invited an attack on American Soil. He is despicable and should be regarded an "enemy of the state". What he said, after all, is "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" which Bush said that if you did this, you would be regarded as the enemy by the very administration that O'Reilly supports. "Your either with us or 'agin us". Following the rhetoric of that retard in the White House, he should be gitmo-ized, shouldn't he? (not that I'd wish that on my worst enemy, but come to think of it, he's NOT my worst enemy -- Bush is)

      Reducing what O'Leily said to just "rhetoric" under estimates his loyal listener base.

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