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  •  My letter of westwood one (none)
    To: Msrs. Coppola, Gregrey and Hillman: I wanted to inform you all that I and many others are outraged over the statements Bill O'Reilly made on his radio show on Friday. There are many things that he's done over the years that disgust me, but this one goes beyond disgust. This man is a menace on the airways. By calling for an attack on San Francisco, he is endangering many millions of people. This is not only STUPID of him, it's very, very anti-American, in fact treasonous. Mr. Hillman, I'm no lawyer, but this might even be illegal under FCC regulations... inciting terrorism? Since not listening isn't really a way to influence because I don't listen anyway, what I will do is boycott the sponsors of the show, and will continue to do that until the advertisers pull their ads. I'm emailing them all, as well as the sponsors on O'Reilly's Fox Show, and informing them that I am boycotting them. Below is a copy of one of the letters I sent. Bill O'Reilly has really gone way too far now. As his syndicate, you all should also disaffiliate yourself with him, because you risk being perceived as advocating terrorism as well. Thank you, Joy -------Original Message------- From: Joy Date: 11/12/05 13:27:45 To: Subject: TREASON: Bill O'Reilly Dear Mr. Rubinger: I don't normally listen to Bill O'Reilly's show because I find him to be full of lies and a bully, but I heard about what he said on Friday, and I am really, really angry at him. He invited Al Qaeda to attack San Francisco. Last time I checked, that is extremely anti-American. What Bill O'Reilly did was the same thing that Bin Laden does: He calls on his followers to attack America. O'Reily has a bunch of survivalist types listening to him too, and many of them are in the Bay Area. Even if Al Qaeda doesn't hear him or act on what he invited them to do, many of the domestic terrorists might. There is that element in this country. To me, O'Reily just showed that he is the equivalent of Bin Laden, he has his followers, and he has called for a violent attack on one of our most beautiful cities. He has invited an attack on American Soil. He is despicable and should be regarded an "enemy of the state". What he said, after all, is "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" which Bush said that if you did this, you would be regarded as the enemy by the very administration that O'Reilly supports. "Your either with us or 'against' us, as Bush said. For that reason, I and many others are boycotting O'Reilly's sponsors until they withdraw their advertising. Affiliating with O'Reilly is making the sponsors look like they too are advocating terrorism, as O'Reilly apparently is. I'm sure you don't want Americans having that perception of you. Just letting you know, Joy

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