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  •  I am corresponding with that clown, too. (4.00)
    Here is my exchange with that same guy.  First, my letter to that entire list of sponsors another KOS was kind enough to post:

    I am writing to let you know that I do not condone your sponsorship of the Bill O'Reilly show.  Have any of you ever listened to this man?  He is an uninformed, raging lunatic.  The fact that anyone gives this man airtime is
    astonishing to me, in this day and age.  He has now openly condoned a terrorist attack on San Francisco.

    Come on people, where is your integrity?  Dump your sponsorship of this inane moron.  Until then, you will receive no financial support from me or the large community of which I am a part.

    I then received the canned reply from Bland, saying they've received less than 25 complaints about the show, that he hopes his 5 kids will join the military, and espousing how much "good" Bill O'Reilly has done (which made me want to throw up).  Then I replied to his email like this:

    Don't give me your canned reply.  I know exactly what he said in this instance.  I also know you have received a HELL of a lot more than 25 complaints about it.  I don't even care so much about this particular instance.  The man is CLEARLY INSANE.

    You have not, nor will you ever, convince me of your case.  I hope you enjoy all the money you are making from sponsoring his show.  Ask yourself, "IS IT WORTH IT?"  Get a grip.

    Then he replies with this completely RIDICULOUS response:

    Hi, Amy!

    You seem too uptight today.  Lighten up.  Be happy!

    The actual "complaint" count we've received is 19 so far since 11-8.  It's just easier to tell people we've had 25.  But not one person will admit to hearing the show on November 8th, indicating to me that nobody in O'Reilly's audience of 350,000 thinks that he's espousing violence.

    My wife has a nephew at West Point and I have 7 children (5 sons) that I hope will all seriously consider a military service career.  I like freedom and I also consider all military service to be commendable and patriotic service of the highest order.

    I agree with Bill that recruiting for this noble cause should not be banned in any American public school that accepts federal funding of any kind.  The San Francisco referendum is just a silly stunt.

    It's fun.  Lighten up.  Be happy.

    Bob Bland, CEO

    I responded with the following:

    Sure, Bob. Lighten up.  Go shop at Wal-Mart, eat at McDonald's and tune in to Survivor.  Tell yourself whatever you have to in order to feel safe.  That's exactly the kind of behavior that got this country into the miserable shape it is in right now.  Be happy, no matter what the cost.


    Indict, Impeach, Imprison!

    by AmyVVV on Sat Nov 12, 2005 at 02:23:29 PM PST

    [ Parent ]

    •  This guy has sure been drinking the Kool-Aid! (none)
      I'm sure his company has plenty of customers in San Francisco. Perhaps the local media should be informed that he advocates taking away all federal funding for San Francisco. He's said too much and really fucked up. And O'Reilly only has 350,000 listeners but looks to be on 100+ stations. I had heard his radio show was having ratings problems but this proves it!
    •  Who would do business with (none)
      a company whose CEO has this much time on his hands?  He's responding to everyone.  He sells insurance?  No wonder nobody can afford healthcare.  Hey, Mr. Bland how about spending this much energy into lowering our premiums.


    •  "lighten up"? "be happy"? (none)
      What a total insensitive jackass!

      Amy, I suggest that you call your local media...get on the local news with this.

      I also suggest you write LTEs with this response.

      The unconcerned, aloof, calloused nature of this "Big business" F**k needs to be exposed.  It is obvious that the Status Quo is just fine and dandy with this corporate pimp....and that is NOT RIGHT!

      He could give a rat's ass about our soldiers, the "war of choice" or anything else of substance.

      Insurance, my ass.  He could care less about it.  With the attitude he has displayed in his correspondence, I would NOT have faith that his "insurance" would even cover the claims that are filed....hmmmmm, maybe some research on this angle should be done...?


      I wonder if anyone could find a link to O'Lielly or (Whatta) Rush comments up to or around the time of the OKC McVeigh bombing....I wonder if we could come up with a convincing enough of a timeline between these thugs-on-air perpetuating HATE, and McVeigh-style violence taking place within our might just get more people thinking about what they're feeding their brains....

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