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  •  A question of tactics (none)
    1. I doubt that many of the letters to CEOs are personally seen by them--they are merely answered by the administrative assistant.  (Of course, a large number of letters on a single issue would probably be brought to the CEOs attention.)  Would a letter addressed to his/her home address be more effective?  or perhaps counterproductive.  (Home addresses are usually given on the FEC list of political donors.  These can usually be checked against tax assessor lists for those counties who have this information online.  The FEC website also gives one an idea of where the CEO's political sympathies lie.)

    2. Mentioning that you heard O'Reilly's remarks on his show, results in the response that "gee, O'Reilly does have a lot of listeners, I guess advertising works".  Instead say that you were disturbed to read the news accounts of O'Reilly's remarks.

    3. Mr. Bland, his response quoted above, sponsors O'Reilly because he agrees with him, not for the ratings.  He is probably beyond redemption (though creative ways to get through to Mr. Bland may be another project).

    4. San Franciscans have the most credibiltiy in this fight.  I think the greatest leverage would be in turning a successful local boycott by San Franciscans into a national boycott.

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