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    Dear Dr. ____,

    Thanks for taking the time to write again.  I truly respect your opinion and thoughts.

    We've received 32 complaints on this and I am saddened because each contains either inaccuracies or lies.  Only 2 people have admitted to me that they actually heard the Radio Factor on November 8th, which indicates to me that many are part of an after-the-fact letter-writing campaign.

    Notably, not one person of Bill's audience of 350,000 actually called or contacted us on November 8th.  This means to me that nobody - repeat, nobody - from his audience of 350,000 considered what he said to be a call to violence.

    If Al Franken stated on the air, "You want to murder Bob Bland's children, go ahead" as part of a clearly-stated hypothetical context of warning me and others of what could happen if we publicly and steadfastly refuse to support my local police department in any way, including telling them that they are not wanted on premises of the local public schools at any time for any reason, then Al would be driving home a serious point of repurcussion that I and my wife would heed well i.e namely, don't expect service from 911 if you are going to publicly ridicule and refuse to support your local police department.  In this instance, I would not consider that Al Franken had put out a contract or invited violence against my children.

    It's amusing to me how you'd bring my 7 young children into this when, in O'Reilly's typothetical example, he talked of of the need to protect a building.  Are you saying that San Franciscans have the same level of caring and love for Coit Tower as I have for my children?

    I understood exactly what O'Reilly was saying on November 8th and he's probably right:  If San Francisco proceeds with this silly referendum designed to shun and embarrass our military - our one and only protector of our freedom - then we probably can and should think ahead of how non-San Franciscans will view this action against our own.  I love and respect our military and hope that you do, too.

    You've craftily taken and used only 1 sentence of O'Reilly's entire statement and scenario setup, which is to take something out of context.  He was not advocating any violence but warning of the kind of violence that could erupt as a potential backlash if San Francisco continues to degrade our military but then expects service from them in times of trouble.  The referendum is a stupid and dangerous stunt, which sends the wrong signal to our children.

    And once again, I consider a career in the military to be laudatory and patriotic in every respect.  I think of those people every day and know that my freedom stems from them, not the hyperbolic media.

    Preparedness is paramount in America these days.  There's no time to shun, embarras or not support our freedom fighters.  So why is San Francisco doing this?

    Bob Bland, CEO

    Not sure I have the time or energy to reply to him.  I guess O'Reilly was just threatening a building anyway, not the people in it.  My bad.

    Indifference Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. - Dennis Kucinich

    by pammo on Sun Nov 13, 2005 at 08:13:24 AM PST

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