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    I might as well post everything Bob and I have been talking about. BTW, hi Bob... if you're bored enough to look up someone's educational credits on google, you've certainly found this thread. :-)

    I started with:

    I was shocked to learn that you still advertise on Bill O'Reilly's show after his completely ridiculous comments about allowing al Qaeda to destroy San Francisco. As a Christian moderate I have occasionally found myself at odds with Mr. O'Reilly, but this is just over the top and blatantly unpatriotic. If the city of Denver, or Dallas, or Cleveland passes legislation he disagrees with, will they be the next notch on his hit list? The man is worst than Pat Robertson.

    I implore you to discontinue advertising on this man's show. Freedom of speech is one thing, but walking into a crowded theater yelling fire, etc. Such behavior should not be tolerated, and those who support it should know that rational people will gravitate towards companies that agree that it should not be tolerated. Thank you.

    To which I of course got the copy/paste job above. To which I responded, a bit flippantly, I regret:

    I respectfully disagree, very strongly. So do the majority of Americans, but I guess money talks. Good luck with that whole anti-American thing... hey, who knows... you may pick up business in [pick a country]. :-)

    To which Bob responded:

    The "majority" of Americans didn't vote in the San Francisco referendum, this has nothing to do with money, and shunning the military - especially now at a time when we need them so - is anti-American to me.  O'Reilly simply didn't say what his morning-after critics are saying he said.  It's just that simple.

    To which I gave up and said:


    You said as much yourself that it was about the money in your first e-mail:

    We advertise and sponsor the O'Reilly factor, not because of Bill O'Reilly or his politics, but because of the huge, involved radio audience that he serves.

    Quite frankly I think his words were very clear, and very clearly over the line. Not the first time, won't be the last. Anyhow, thanks for getting back to me. This is clearly something we are not going to agree on. Go 49ers! :-)

    Bob got back to me with a root for the Bears. I think I made some sort of peace, hehe.

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