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  •  Good morning (4.00) all you teachers, ex-teachers, future teachers, and friends of teachers out there this lovely Saturday morning. My wife leaves shortly to take the Eskimutt to his obedience lesson, giving me some time to bond with the Yellow Democrat Dog. Best of all, there is rain in the forecast this afternoon to go with the lovely falling leaves. Good day to get some thinking done.

    I had a chance meeting yesterday with the instructional designer who will be working with me on my upcoming DVD-ROM seminar-in-a-drum extravaganza: his website is right here. Not only is a pleasant and very accomplished person, he is very open to working with me on achieving my vision of what my DVD course will be. It will be nice to be working with someone who knows what the hell a wiki is.

    I am also looking at an upcoming battle with a "colleague" who thinks she can get back at me by giving my advisees undeservedly poor grades in a class she herself is barely (if that) qualified to teach. Don't know exactly what I would do, but then, I didn't know exactly what I was going to do when I wound up getting her bounced from her position as the department head.

    I should be back here once the Yellow Democrat Dog and I have enjoyed some quality daddy-daughter time rearranging the maple leaves in the back yard.

    ...and shit yeah it's cool And shouldn't it be - or something like that. - Robert Pollard

    by gp39m on Sat Nov 12, 2005 at 07:36:48 AM PST

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