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    Service workers and teachers here in San Francisco have been waiting for the election and some legal deadlines to pass, and a strike is imminent. The two groups have separate contracts, and neither is getting anywhere with the administration. Our soon to be ex-Superintendent Arlene Ackerman quit at the end of August, and is walking out of here with a $375,000 severance deal, plus a $50k/year lifetime pension - and she says the district can't afford to give it's workers cost-of-living salary increases and decent health coverage?

    Ackerman actually offered to leave early if her proposed contracts were accepted! No one is better than her at overestimating her own importance - who could think the teachers and service workers would roll over just to get her out of here 6 months early?? Maybe if she had offered to give up her sweet severance package it wouldn't have been such an insulting joke. Most people don't know Ackerman pulled pretty much the same stunt in DC before coming to SF - she walked out on them after their board voted her a $500K severance to be paid even if she quit!  

    I wonder how many school districts in this country are in a similar situation regarding their contracts right now? The next couple weeks should be a very interesting time in public education...

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