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    I'm coming at this from a different angle.  

    First off, it's not just about attacking Bush, and making it impossible for Republicans to run away from him.  It's about doing it in a way that highlights the fundamental wrongheadedness of everything they do--their fundamental incapacity to govern.  

    Sure, 9/11 could have happened to any President, even if Bush was particularly neglectful.  But 9/11 should have been the end for bin Laden.  Heck, this long after Pearl Harbor, the Axis was in ruins. Instead, Bush responds just the way bin Laden wanted him to--turning a tragic incident into a template for endless folly.  And the entire GOP supported this.

    Second, by showing how much GOP officeholders and candidates have benefitted from past Democratic programs, we cut through decades of delusional rhetoric.  We show them to be hypocrites--if what we stand for is so heinous, then why the hell did they take it? And we show them to be greedy--they don't want anyone else to benefit similarly in the future--and destructive--again, they don't want anyone else to benefit similarly in the future.

    Third, we pick up the theme of our past accomplishments that have benefited America's families in fundamental wasy, and use it to frame what we plan to do next.  This creates continuity between past and present, and pre-empts their long-term efforts to present themselves as pro-family, while virtually nothing that actually helps families in the real world.

    I'm not arguing against the principles you're espousing.  But those are very abstract terms compared to how most voters think.  We have to bring things down to simple, tangible terms. And what I'm suggesting is a 3-pronged approach for doing that.

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