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    The p.s. is well said.. the whole issue of framing confuses me a little bit, not around the ideas but if in fact you know.. we shouldn't think of an elephant.

    Sometimes I'm prone to say, shouldn't we expose how the family structure in the right is messed up.. like explain Albert Bandura's ideas on modeling and how spanking is likely to cause the child to model agressive behavior.

    I mean there is that classic article by Stephen Ansolabehere "Does attack advertising demobilize the electorate?" (1994), /American Political Science Review. I don't know the more contemporary research.. but in the past it was considered to work. In other words, instead of reinforcing THEIR frames, can they be shattered.. and replaced with ours?

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      You've touched on a couple of nodes in a network of ideas that I've been working on in a couple of long-term writing projects. This piece emerges from that background, but not in a planned way, it just sort of popped out. So I'll just respond with a couple of quick observations:

      (1) In general, there's evidence that negative ads have a greater impact on Democratic voters who are less likely to be regular voters. Their bonds to the political process are relatively weak, aas is their trust of politicians to be responsive to their needs.  Thus, wars of negative ads are likely to hurt Democratic candidates more. (It also drives out reality-based campaigning, which also hurts us.)

      (2) There's considerable evidence of a sharp difference between pure attack ads and ads that provide a contrast--criticize Candidate A, and promote the alternative vies of Candidate B.  What's more, citizens clearly get the difference, and are not turned off by contrast ads--the kind I'm going for.

      (3) What I'm proposing is a generic form that I think can support a broad narrative of the kind that Democrats need to develop in order to regain a position of political dominance.  The contrast I'm suggesting we make is not about one candidate or winning one election, it's about delegitimizing a certain sort of anti-government rhetoric and re-legitimizing the possibility of a new form of pro-government rhetoric.  

      This is, indeed, aimed at shattering their frames and replacing them with ours.

      (4) We do have to go after the whole nexus of rightwing thinking--the authoritarian parenting, the scapegoating, the femiphobia, all of it.  But I'm not sure how we do that--or even if we do that--in a campaign context.  At least not now.

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