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View Diary: Michigan Politics: The Week in Review, 11/6-12 (33 comments)

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  •  I'm worried about the state's brain drain (none)
    Unless we get new industries in the state--the GOP mistakenly thinks tax cuts alone will attract them, young people will keep leaving the state. If we're not careful, Michigan could become Mississippi with snow in 20 years.
    •  Tax cuts... (none)
      I never understood that.  You can tax cut to high heaven, but that'll never make Michigan able to compete with the American South, much less Mexico or Asia -- and more, all it will do is decrease the standard of living.  
      Sadly, the Rust Belt economy is so embedded with Michigan politics (and the political parties -- especially Dems -- are so reliant on union support) that breaking from it seems near insurmountable.

      But yeah.  Something needs to happen in Michigan.  Lumber, Autos, and tourism (natural, of course - the "urban centers" aren't cutting it) can't hold the state forever.  The youth see no reason to stay.  Grand Rapids is starting to pull through, but overall there are no vibrant urban centers, and the job market definately does not reflect a service-based economy.  Props to Granholm for trying to attack this youth drain with "Cool Cities," but unfortunately it seemed to target the lakeside towns rather than Michigan's larger urban centers.


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