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  •  In his continuing effort to degrade of office of the Presidency and to disgrace the United States, Shrub gave General Lyers the Medal of Freedom (or as Jon Stewart said, "whatever the hell they're calling it, theses days").  

    You know it's coming...we better prepare for it... a couple years from now, if they're not all in jail, shrub is gonna embarrass the country further,  and present Rice, Cheney, and Dumbsfeld with our award.

  •  During the STUNT,  our soldiers refused to even look at AWOL..

  •  This WWII vet was PISSED!  Saying, "Well it's a hella way to defend yourself.  I think it's very wrong and everything else that he's done." [sic]

  •  Vanity Fair has a cover story on how  MSM has been hounding her for her drug use.  Geez, you'd think Kate was running for President or Governor or something...wait...strike that...the MSM gave Shrub a pass, each time.  And this week, the police discovered that Kate is being stalked by a rapist, who tortures his victims.  Well, here's hoping things get better, and MSM, pick on someone your own size - cowards.


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