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  •  we learn something new every day (4.00)
    apparently blair CAN be impeached

    and it looks like he is going to suffer that fate

    funny the the brits would impeach a guy for failues of legislation, instead of the crimes against humanity

    what the hell, we locked up Al Capone for income tax evasion, right ???

    •  It is always thus (none)
      Milosovic was tried in Serbia for crimes against the Serbian people and corruption before he was handed over to the Hague.
      Nixon would have been impeached for political crimes in the US had he not resigned.

      Removing and punishing leaders for crimes against their own nation happens for two reasons:
        1.  It is the easiest thing for the citizenry to understand.  They may not internalize that what he did was bad for other people, but they understand when it's bad for them.
        2.  In most countries, even those with strong parliamentary systems, foreign and defense policy are seen as the purview of the executive.  Many countries--not just the US--are loathe to attempt to prosecute for actions that may be crimes under international law, but not necessarily crimes under local law.  Jurisdictional issues matter.

      In prison, Tom Delay will no doubt be called 'the Hummer' by his fellow convicts.

      by soonergrunt on Mon Nov 14, 2005 at 04:32:58 AM PST

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